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What an Amazing Year We Had!

In Messages from the President on July 1, 2010 at 4:49 pm

by Richard Belleza

It seems as if July 2009 were only yesterday. When we started our term as the Executive Team for Richmond Toastmasters we were all new to our roles. But sometimes fear and uncertainty are the perfect stimuli for a determined executive to flourish.

Over the past year we have seen so many changes in our club both at the club level and at the individual member level. I still can’t believe my eyes when I see our own members come out of their shells and experiment with their own speaking abilities. It’s amazing to see our club leverage new tools such as the schedule builder and the website to offer such a robust program for our members. I’ll say it once and I will say it again; we have one of the best clubs in the entire province.

I truly believe that this was all attained because of one thing: Dedication. A dedicated VP of Education that helps foster an educational program that keeps the goals of members as our number one priority. A dedicated VP of membership that ensures we look after not only new members but also the existing ones. A dedicated VP of Public Relations that makes sure everyone on the outside knows how great our club is. A dedicated Treasurer that manages our finances efficiently. A dedicated Sgt At Arms that opens the meeting with a bang and takes care of our room. A dedicated secretary that makes sure we have continuity from meeting to meeting. A dedicated President that steers the ship where it needs to go. And lastly, a dedicated membership that has the burning desire to achieve its goals

What an amazing year. Cheers to the upcoming year. Lets focus on giving people who join for the first time skills and abilities that will last them for a life time.

Thanks for an amazing year.

Richard Belleza, Outgoing President, Richmond Toastmasters 2009 -2010


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