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Peruvian Purgatory

In Jokemaster, Minor Roles on December 15, 2010 at 12:18 pm

by Sylvia Orellana

Each Richmond Toastmasters meeting has a Jokemaster – someone whose role is to give us some laughs – but they have to be clean ones. For many members, finding clean jokes can be a challenge. Sylvia, our club president this year, found one that meets both criteria in spades. Thanks Sylvia!!

In Peru, public transportation is very messy and there are millions of vans that work on the streets. We call them the killer vans because they are very dangerous: they stop anywhere; they turn right being on the very left lane and turn left being on the very right lane; they have speed races with other vans to gain a passenger; they run over the red lights, etc, etc, etc.

Once a priest died and he went to heaven. Saint Peter asked him what he did for a living when he was alive. The priest explained that he ended being the parish priest and that he sometimes had to offer three masses on a Sunday and that the parishioners loved him very much for all the good things he accomplished and the help he provided to the people in need.

Saint Peter congratulated the priest and asked him to go to purgatory.

While the priest was waiting in the purgatory line, a killer van driver passed away and came up to the doors of heaven.

Saint Peter followed the same routine, asking the driver what he did for a living when he was alive. The driver said he owned one of these vans and he worked very hard, sometimes carrying more passengers than permitted to take them to their destination on time; he worked sometimes more then 12 hours seven days a week and he was the president of the vans’ union, etc, etc, etc.

Saint Peter congratulated the driver and asked him to go directly to heaven.

The priest, who was watching the scene, still in line to enter purgatory, came back to Saint Peter and said:

“I was a good man, I’ve served God all my life, I’ve done lots of good work in my community and I go to purgatory and that man who has worked risking his passengers’ lives goes directly to heaven? What is going on here?”

Saint Peter replied:

“You know, I can understand your point but you need to understand mine: When you were preaching, your parishioners used to fall asleep. But when this man was driving, his passengers were always praying.”


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