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Best of the Best

In CC Manual, Speech #7: Research Your Topic, Speeches on February 2, 2011 at 5:02 pm

by Freddy Irani

Here’s a cool first for Richmond Toastmasters’ blog – an audio recording of a speech.

Instead of writing his speech out in words, Freddy wrote down bullet points and practiced with his iPhone until he got it right. The audio clip above is his best practice run. The real speech was even better, because he engaged with the audience and had us laughing and hmm-ing throughout.

His intro got lopped off of the recording – he opened by saying that he’s made a promise to himself to be the best of the best in the new career he’s chosen.

His speech was inspired by ideas he learned from the Mike Ferry Organization, but his delivery was pure Irani awesomeness.

His bullet points were these four things, which he says put together makes a person the best of the best.

1. Enthusiasm

2. Confidence

3. Thinking Outside the Box

4. Punctuality

In his speech, he gives exercises to demonstrate how to achieve these states of mind, even when we’re not feeling them.

And the most fun part of all – he helps us shut up our drunken monkey.


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