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Helping UBC Students Shine

In In The Community, Toastmasters In Real Life on February 10, 2011 at 2:02 am

On Tuesday, February 8, Richmond Toastmasters was given a cool opportunity: The Sauder School of Business (UBC’s Business School) asked if we would help coach their students and give them tips to improve their speeches for their upcoming public speaking competition.

We abandoned our usual format, and gave the floor to the students. It was a full house – every single chair was in use, and we had to make three tiers off to one side.

They presented four original, excellent speeches – 5 were on the roster, but one was a video that never quite hooked up right – and we sat back and evaluated them. Each student was assigned one Richmond Toastmaster as their oral evaluator, and the rest of the group gave written feedback.

For table topics, Andrew Scallion gave the students some challenging questions to test their impromptu skills.

They shone with flying colours. Their speeches were well crafted and varied. Vincent gave a compelling speech about why love makes the world go around – despite what they try to teach him in business school. Urooba, performed a genius satire about how to dress a man from head to toe. Our third speaker (who took his name tag off so I don’t remember it!) took us through a really fun play-by-play of his adolescent car theft antics (he stole his parents car before he had a license). And Kaveh delivered a stunningly polished performance explaining the power of the human touch.

Here’s hoping our feedback helped them shine in their competition.

Thanks to May Soo-Tveita and Mike Rozen for co-ordinating and leading the event, and to Tony Cheung for his event photography. On the UBC end, thanks to Crystal Liang for giving us this opportunity to help.


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