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Awesome Contest Night

In Club Events on March 13, 2011 at 3:57 am

by Patrick McCrea

On the 8th of March, Richmond Toastmasters had two dazzling contests.

The first was the Evaluation Contest. Each evaluator had two minutes and thirty seconds to evaluate a guest speaker. We were lucky to have Lorna Boyle as our guest speaker. She talked about her late parents – a hard topic to speak about and she pulled the speech off with fine elegance. She told us how they met to their final days.

Five evaluators then took the podium. First was Reg Boaler and he gave a great evaluation. He talked with keen insight about how Lorna performed. Next up, Rome Gallardo focused on the poem that Lorna’s father had written to his wife, and pointed out the positives of the speech. Third, Sylvia Orellana acknowledged that if she had done this speech it would have been too emotional for her; she complimented Lorna on the great job she did. Richard was fourth and he focused on the positives and liked the flow of the speech. Fifth and finally, Mike Rozen focused on the humour that Lorna inserted into the speech. Each evaluator had the same comments on the negative: she did not move through the stage and started out with nerves but overcame them as she got into the speech.

After the break we had the International Contest. In this contest, each speaker had 5-7 minutes to entertain us with a topic of their choosing. We had five speakers take the podium.

First was Sylvia Orellana. Her speech was about traffic violations. She was entertaining, witty and funny. Second, Dmitrey Zakharov brought his magic to the podium. His speech was about success and what defines success. His main message was only you can define if you’re a success or a failure – a powerful message delivered with an intense story. Third, we were enchanted by the wonderful speech by May Soo-Tveita. May had a strong and powerful speech about ridicule for being too skinny. She delivered her message with strength: Who should define if you’re too skinny or too plump? Freddy Irani took the stage fourth and helped us to curb the drunken monkey with his speech The Best of the Best. This was an entertaining speech that involved the audience. Reg was the fifth and final speaker of the evening, with a powerful story about how bullying affected his life and one of his childhood friends. He delivered the message from the heart.

Now for the winners . . . I believe they all did a very good job and all are winners. But:

Evaluation Contest 1st Place: Richard Belleza, 2nd Place: Sylvia Orellana, 3rd Place: Reg Boaler.

International Contest 1st Place: Reg Boaler, 2nd Place Dmitrey Zakharov, 3rd Place: Freddy Irani.

Thanks to all who participated in this successful event. It was very entertaining. I cannot wait until next year.

Richmond Toastmasters would like to thank Andrew Scallion, the Chairman and Paul Luo, the Chief Judge for making sure the contest ran smoothly. We also want to thank the contestants for both contests for going outside their comfort zone – without them, there is no contest. Thank you also to the judges, counters, timer, sergeant at arms, food and room, jokemaster, photographer and calligrapher. We look forward to the Area Contest on March 29, where the top two contestants from each category move on to compete against the Deltones and Ambassadors clubs.


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