Speak With Confidence

Who We Are

At Richmond Toastmasters, we help each other learn to speak with confidence, whether in front of an audience, at a cocktail party, or in a meeting. We’re fun, we’re supportive, and we’re all about learning. We are a Richmond, BC chapter of Toastmasters International. This blog is to share our learning process with the world. Whether you’re in the Vancouver area and can drop in as a guest, or you just want to follow us online, we welcome your readership, comments, and questions. We meet every Tuesday at the South Arm Community Center. Stop by, or visit us online.

We love guest bloggers. Topics that interest us are:

1. SPEECHES: If you have a manual speech that you have in written form, we’d love to showcase it and archive it by speech number.

2. TIPS: Have you figured out something we haven’t? Please share.

3. PUBLIC SPEAKING IN REAL LIFE: Are you a writer who gets nervous at readings? An executive who finds it challenging to speak in meetings? We’d love to hear your perspective.

We’d love to hear from you.

Send us an email: webmaster@richmondtoastmasters.ca


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